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You Thirsty?

Belly up to the bar and sip on a handcrafted specialty cocktail, made with always fresh ingredients (and love).

Discover the magic of a finely crafted cocktail.

When you think of the word “craft” you think of something handmade. Something that is made with a great amount of care. Not only that, but when it is created, the product is unique. This is what craft cocktails are. They are cocktails made with great care and with fresh ingredients. You will find fresh-squeezed juices and handmade syrups when you choose craft cocktails. No drinks will be made from mixes, but will be made without perfumes and preservatives. Not only does the word craft reflect the drink with its fresh ingredients, but the worker and the care they put into creating a cocktail that leaves you feeling nothing but satisfied.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Take refuge in our exclusive haven away from the crowds.

Good Vibes

Leave your worries outside and get ready to explore the spirit world.

Cozy Place

Good things come in small packages.  It’s no different with Blueziana.

Meet The Proprietors

With blues on the juke, a good drink in your hand, and surrounded by friends, there’s no way you won’t have fun!